EP 47: The First Episode, WINK WINK

We urge new listeners to please JUST START WITH THIS EPISODE. The Buddies discuss the downfall of the Naruto run on Area 51, how the leaders of Nagoya broke the internet, and how THE YOSHIKI CURSE IS BACK and here for ROYAL BLOOD.


  1. Sam Alicea
    August 8, 2019

    I read it… I like the site. I pull it up while I am listening. I am paying attention. I would have slightly questioned the numbers and then shrugged it off. Thank you, for updating the site. I appreciate the the visuals.

    If that was awkward it is because I was literally typing as you all spoke. Also I am just awkward… so..

    • August 12, 2019

      lolol i love that you took the time to comment this Sam <3 <3

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